13 Reminders For The Crazy Creative

For you, first time writer, artist, entrepreneur.

Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash
  1. Stop reading articles on ‘how-to’ do anything, unless you are ready to act on it *now.*
  2. Stop signing up for guides and email list-serves (and the FREE masterclass and BONUS template and SPECIAL OFFER ACT NOW for this course and that program), unless I am ready to take action on it now.
  3. Stop bookmarking pages, copy and pasting notes from articles, or searching anything on google. Even if it’s interesting or helpful or relevant, unless…
  4. Start taking action (now).
  5. Celebrate the actions taken. Yes, even the smallest act is something to celebrate! Be my own cheerleader.
  6. Share with people what I am doing.
  7. Conversations with people > Scrolling online.
  8. Creating something myself > looking at what someone else created.
  9. Less information > more information. Too much becomes meaningless.
  10. One thing at a time. That doesn’t mean doing one thing *all* the time. Take breaks, switch between projects and use one task to motivate the other one. But whatever I am doing at the time, stay with it. I can only do one thing at any moment.
  11. Finish what I started. Follow an idea through to the end, even if it gets difficult or demotivating. Do the zero draft start to finish, get a shitty crappy first draft out there.
  12. Aim for feedback. The goal isn’t for it to be perfect. The goal is for it to be something that is engaging with the outside world
  13. Start. Keep going. Step by step by step.



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Yael Shira

Yael Shira

Channeling the chaos of #chronicillness toward creative living. I write (daily?), in 25-minutes spurts. Here to celebrate the process, and the practice.