Write for 25 minutes a day, every day. Celebrating the process & the practice.
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What do you feel about your life today?

Yes, you.

What do you feel about your life today?

Write it, writer. There is no wrong way.

Say it, express the things you aren’t sure how to say —

it is time to be true.

How do I feel, at this moment, on this day?

I feel uncertain and uncertainty, the shadow of insecurity.

I feel marvel and wonder…

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Yesterday, I hit the 100 follower mark. It’s exciting, and it’s messing with my head and my ego. I want more, I need more!, the anxious voice cries for attention. I caught myself checking Medium notification the same way I have with Facebook. No more of this.

When I started…

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Just do it.

Really, just do it.

Sit down.

Write. One word — painfully, easily, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all. Keep telling yourself that. Keep telling yourself anything. Keep going.

Unoriginal is fine, and so is repetition. (Unoriginal is fine, and…)

It’s challenging and frustrating, well so was learning algebra…

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I didn’t know.

That growth would be so clumsy, that I would feel so mistaken.

Adolescent and in process,

kind of awkward and misshapen.

I guess this is transition,

(it’s a process)

it’s maturation.

I leave voice messages to friends

saying: listen, I have hips!, and my body shape…

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I’ve been freezing lately. Stopping myself from writing freely, flowing with words and whatever comes.

It’s a mix of self-censorship and perfectionism and a sense of ‘why bother’ — I’m not eligible for the Medium Partnership Program because I live in Israel, and so I don’t have the possibility of…

Yael Shira

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