Hello Stress, Who Is Pressure

Milt Koboyashi, Stress oil

hello stress

who is

pressure and pressure,

stressing and straining

nervy and nervous

tension and tensing.

I sense you, I feel you constricting constraining,


its toomuchthestressitcanbetoomuchitkeepsyoufrozenstuckstometimes


the selvesareconfusedamI-stressedorareyou,stess,separatefromMe.

are you stressed? they ask, or maybe it’s stress, they say, I say,

hello stress

who lives

in the shoulders neck forehead and jaw.

who tells me to be bigger

who keeps me tense and small

I see you, I accept you and the language you’re speaking


its toomuchtheworriesfearsaretoomuchimreadytobefreethistime


its really youandI intertwined, stressandI welivetogether.

I am not ‘stressed.’

I experience stress.

I see you hear feel sense you, stress.

I can’t get rid of you

but it’s okay, if you are here

because I know that I’m here, too.