Here’s What I’m Recommitting to for 2022

Yes, I’m going to write for 25 minutes a day — but with a twist.

Photo by Jonas Zürcher on Unsplash
  1. Showing up. What am I showing up for today? How do I want to show up?
  2. Practice. What is the Practice? How am I practicing, what does this look like in action?
  3. Simplifying. What are my priorities? If I could do three things today, what would it be? What would this look like if it were simple?
  4. Overcoming. What am I struggling to overcome? How can I support myself in this?
  5. Celebrating. What am I celebrating? Celebrate it, sister!



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Yael Shira

Creative practice, chronic illness, and everyday healing. Writing to write, 25 minutes a day.