I’m Done With All The Waiting

A poem and an anthem. What are you waiting for?

Filling my own well of laughter.

I used to live in waiting,

(always wanting, ever-seeking)

craving validation I didn’t know I didn’t need.

I followed the instructions,

(be compliant, ever-pleasing)

trying to be the person that I thought I had to be.

I worked hard at my studies,

(try your best now, even better)

I used to live in worrying, about how I was perceived.

I used to think my self worth

was connected to their judgment,

I used to be afraid that there was something wrong with me.

I’m done with all the waiting

I’m tired of fear and worries

I’m ready to release that which keeps me stuck and small.

Today is the beginning

(it is always a beginning)

are you ready? It’s time to celebrate this gift of life, and to live free.

Prompt: What are you waiting for? For a new season of your favorite show to start streaming? For someone you care about to make the first move? For the right moment to express your true self? This is your sign, the time is now. Stop waiting and start writing and tag “Writehere.” Source: Creators Hub



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Yael Shira

Yael Shira

Channeling the chaos of #chronicillness toward creative living. I write (daily?), in 25-minutes spurts. Here to celebrate the process, and the practice.