when i’m high

it’s a softening and relaxing of the line between selves, between states,

it’s a reorganization of perception and sensation.

an excuse, an escape, a place of refuge

a blurring and living in other in-betweens.

and the neuroscientist says: what are the links between pathways and pills between the signals and synapse and colliding cascades, what happens in the nerves and what do they say

and the one with MS and the one who was afraid, she is still in the shadows, she reminds you of the words ‘medical’ and ‘patient’ and ‘sick’ and in pain

and the artist, she listens to the world with delight. she coaxes the child and Curiosity and Play, together they dance with the nuances of light.

it’s a softening and relaxing into something new

it’s a crossing over, from one state to the next.

we are always somewhere in between the world of the form and the formless

the speaking and the speechless

(& thats 25 minutes)



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Yael Shira

Creative practice, chronic illness, and everyday healing. Writing to write, 25 minutes a day.